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Sell Your Stuff on Ebay and for Cash

One of the sure-fire ways to make extra cash is to sell your stuff on EbayEbay is a great way to turn unwanted items into cash or start your own online business.  Sellers can register for a free account and list items auction-style at any start price.   There are free research tools that will help you price your items to get the most value.

There are great selling tips, new seller guides and a wealth of other information on the site that allows you to maximize your profit from those things you wish to sell.

Another great site I regularly use to buy and sell things is is actually owned by Ebay, but unlike Ebay, is not an auction site and it focuses primarily on books, textbooks, music (cds), movies (DVDs and Blu-rays) and games. also offers research guides that will help you appropriately price your items for sale.   They have also integrated a new feature called “Instant Sale” where you can sell your items directly to with a guaranteed offer.  This is great because you don’t have to post your items and wait for someone to buy them, you can get cash within a matter of days with the instant sale feature.

Both Ebay and also provide great opportunities for drop shippers.  I’ll talk more about drop shipping in a future post, but basically drop shipping involves a company that offers merchandise for sale that will ship the merchandise directly to the customer once you pay for it.  You list their merchandise on sites like Ebay and when it sells you collect the retail price and shipping cost from the customer and you pay the supplier the wholesale cost plus their shipping fee.  Drop shipping can be quite lucrative for those who put in the time and research the right products..

Whether its great stuff you have in a storage unit, in the attic, around the house, or if you decide to get into the drop shipping business, Ebay and are great places to make some serious cash.


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