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Monetize Your Website or Blog with Linkbucks

If you have a website or blog or are looking to launch one, one of the best ways I have found to make money from it is using Linkbucks.  Linkbucks allows bloggers, and webmasters to fully control their advertising. You select what ads to use, what sites to link to, and where to put them.

I have been using Linkbucks for several weeks and I’m finding that it’s one of the best paying programs of its kind out there.

Linkbucks ads only appear as the text links you choose, and webmasters earn revenue  after the visitor has left your page.

The Linkbucks ad network really allows a great deal of customization and it is easy to install.  Linkbucks makes it easy to generate paying links without any knowledge of code. Within minutes you can turn hundreds of your links into paying ones.  There’s a great tracking dashboard that details your traffic and which links are earning the most money, so you can better target your advertising.  There are helpful tips in the Linkbucks forum and a lot more.

I really encourage webmasters and bloggers to check Linkbucks out today!