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10 Ways to Make Extra Money Locally

There are several ways you can make extra money just by resources you have locally, and through people who are in your local network.  By combining your determination, skills and tapping into the local potential, you can make some extra cash or a steady part-time income.   Here are several ways you can earn locally..

1.  Write for local publications and websites.– In virtually every city or community there are many types of publications – weekly alternative papers, bridal magazines, community magazines, online event and tourism websites, weekly and daily newspapers.   One good way to make some extra cash is to become a freelance writer for these magazines.    Yard Sale

You should first familiarize yourself with the type of content that is included by picking up several of the publications or reading their online versions.   Then check out what their submission policies are.  Most local magazines will tell you how to submit story ideas in the masthead (The section that lists the publisher, editor, etc. – typically on the second page of most magazines).

Come up with a story idea and contact the magazine by submitting a query email or letter stating briefly what you would like to write about, etc.   Typically the editor will contact you back for more information or to give you the go ahead to write the story.

Publications will pay you by the word or by story.   You should get this information when you hear back from the editor.

Writers who pitch good stories and are deemed reliable can make a good amount of money locally by writing consistently and for various publications.

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2. Provide Social Media services for local businesses. – There are many small businesses, including restaurants and other local retailers who do not yet have a social media presence, and others who do not use it properly to market their business.  If you are particularly social media savvy,  you can approach businesses with a solid plan and can earn money by implementing social media plans, developing social media presences for businesses and organizations and even get paid to maintain social media accounts.   This can be extremely lucrative if you find the right organizations and prove yourself by boosting engagement.

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3. Sell clothing and other items at consignment stores. –  consignment stores have been around for a while and you can make some extra cash by taking your gently worn clothes and other household items and putting them on sale for consignment.  This basically means the consignment store will agree which items they think they can sell and for how much.  Once you agree on the price and what percentage you will get, the items will be put on display typically for a set amount of time.  If the items don’t sell, you can reduce your selling price or come and get the items.  There are all types of consignment shops and even some retailers (particularly local ones) will enter into a consignment arrangement with you if you produce things for sale such as jewelry, art, food or other items.Brainbench

4.  Provide laundry services.  There are many people who pay for laundry services and you can make good money for providing excellent service, being reasonably priced and being prompt.  Elderly, homebound individuals, college students, busy working professionals and others all could take advantage of a service such as this.   To get started, print a flier and put them on public bulletin boards around your neighborhood, at your church, at the local college, local senior center and even local grocery store.  You can charge by the piece or by the pound.  A local laundry person I know charges $1.50 a pound and $2.00 a pound for express service.

5.  Sell scrap metals.   Selling scrap metals, including aluminum cans, old washing machines and other metal items you need to get rid of, or your friends and neighbors want to get rid of can be a great way to get some easy cash from your local scrap metal yard.  And depending on what type of metal it is, the payout can be significant.

6. Provide sitting services.   Let your friends know that you can babysit for them.  You’d be surprised how many couples are looking for a good babysitter so they can have night out, etc.   Many people are caregivers for their elderly parents or grandparents and need regular or occasional sitters.  House sitting and dog sitting and dog walking are other options.

7. Provide cleaning services.  Provide outstanding cleaning services and you can make great money locally.   During the spring months, offer a spring cleaning special on local bulletin boards.  Tell your friends and family members to keep you in mind and tell others about your services.   I have a friend who works a few hours a week cleaning several houses regularly and she makes more than $1200 a month.

8. Cook meals/personal chef services.  If you are an excellent cook (and it enjoy it), create a menu of your best dishes and price them and market them through your neighborhood association, church or local grocery store.  If you really want to make the effort, offer personal chef services by appointment where you’d cook in a person’s home for a special dinner or party.

9.  Plan children’s birthday parties or other events.  For the resourceful, creative person who loves or organize events, you can make good money locally by establishing yourself as the local party planner.   Set a reasonable planning fee either for the whole package or per hour.  You will need to be sure all expectations are defined and then build in contingencies for last-minute changes, etc.   Another way to make money is to create strong relationships with local vendors such as florists, space jump providers, party rental services, DJ’s and other entertainers, etc.  If you consistently go to the same vendors for all your needs, you can sometimes get a consistent referral fee from them or you can tack on a 10% or 15% charge of a vendor’s services to your overall bill to the client.

10. Have a yard sale. Yard sales can be a good way to earn some extra money and get rid of some extra items in storage.   One way to make it more profitable is to talk to your neighbors about having a block-wide yard sale.  Combine your advertising efforts.

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