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Branded Surveys – A Review of How I Earn Cash Daily

I recently stumbled upon Branded Surveys when I was looking through the various programs to earn extra cash. I checked it out and what drew me to it was that it seemed very simple and straightforward.   You sign up, then complete a profile about any number of topics from your eating and shopping habits, to your television watching and work technology.  All of the various components of the profile are optional, but the more parts of the profile that you fill out, the better Branded Surveys can match you with offers, rewards programs and surveys.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys rewards you with points for each section of the profile that you fill out.  You get 200 points for just signing up and several hundred points just to fill out the profile.  Each 100 points equals $1.00.   When you’ve completed the profile, you can earn points by doing daily polls, completing surveys, participating in contests and offers (a lot of which are free) and when you have 1000 points you earn $10 and you can cash out with a Paypal account.

They also have a great referral program where you can earn 15% of those who sign up from your referral link, which can really add up!

I’m recommending Branded Surveys because just after a couple of days, I’m about to cash in my first $10.  Branded Surveys isn’t going to make me rich, but it’s going to help me put gas in my truck and pay a credit card bill.  And you know what….it all adds up.   If you have a similar program you are using or would like to share your experience, drop me a line!

Check Branded Surveys
out!  It’s just one more money-making tool out there!



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