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20 Ways to Make Money From Home or Online

Make Money from Home
Copyright Matthew Bowden

If you are just now thinking about ways to earn money online or from home and you need some quick ideas to get you started, I suggest that you look at the list of ideas.   I have used almost every single one of these ideas to make money and many of them I continue to earn from consistently.  Try them out and see which ones work best for you!  And be sure and share your own ideas!

1.)  Make money filling out surveys  – Sites abound online where you can get paid to take quick surveys, participate in special offers and read advertiser emails.

2.) Become a Mystery Shopper – You can sign up with a program and earn cash to shop and review products and services

3.) Write for blogs – There are a host of blogs and online E-zines that will pay you to blog about an array of subjects.

4.) Sell your used stuff online on Ebay.

5.) Start a Direct Sales business like Mary Kay or Avon – There is a Direct Selling company that will fit your interest.

6.) Begin a home-based franchise – More and more franchises are becoming available for the home-based business.

7.) Use social media to earn extra cash – Sign up for emerging sites that will pay you to post advertisements on Twittter, Facebook and Pinterest. Connect With Advertisers - Sign up for SocialSpark!

8.) Find a freelance job or on-demand project to earn cash.  There are special job boards that will help you find the perfect freelance or telecommuting job.

9.) Make money with your own website.  Build your own website.  Find your niche and begin to earn money.

10.)  Earn cash through affiliate marketing.  Market any number of products from sites like Amazon and others.

11.) Participate in rewards programs.  Rewards programs allow you to earn cash and merchandise through various activities online.

12.) Write for Greeting Card companies.  You have a knack for writing short, meaningful messages?  Greeting card companies are always looking for fresh ideas.

13.) Sell your photos.  Are you a great photographer?  Sell those digital photos online!  You can even upload photos on some sites and use them to make posters to sell, t-shirts, greeting cards and more!

14.)  Sell crafts on sites like Etsy.  Do you produce art, great craft products?   Try out Etsy and you can have earn money.

15.) Become a virtual assistant.  Perform scheduling, drafting memos, and other clerical work from home.

16.)  Write an ebook.  Ebooks can be very profitable.  You can easily publish your work at Amazon and other sites.   I did it. Check out my ebook!

17.) Sell your items at a consignment store.  Local consignment stores allow you to sell clothing, and even items that you make.

18.) Get paid to chat and post.  Try out ChatAbout to get you started.

19.) Become a product reviewer.   Product reviewers are sent products to evaluate and then blog about honestly.  Can get paid great money.

20.) Become an online tutor.   Do you have a degree?  Online tutors are in demand.


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