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Bubblews Pays you to Write

I’ve just signed up for Bubblews and I’m very excited to get started earning money. I happened across the website today when I was reading some comments on another site – Chatabout– that pays you to post, answer polls, and a whole host of other things (I really urge you to try out Chatabout). Bubblews pays you to write by sharing ad revenue with you. You can write about virtually anything you want and you earn based on the number of unique visitors you get to your article.

People who read your article may comment, like, dislike and share your article. You will get paid for EVERY view, comment, like/dislike and social media shares for every post that you EVER write on Bubblews.

You get $1.00 just for signing up and you fill out a profile and may include a link to your website or blog if you have one, which is great because it creates more traffic to your site.

Once you’ve built a great following by posting great content and interacting with people, you can really turn your posts into a good source of cash that could potentially pay you for a while.

Once you reach $25 you can cash out and there is a referral program that pays you twenty cents once someone you refer to the site publishes their first post.

I haven’t really seen a downside yet, but I’m quite sure that the rate at which I earn is going to be interesting, depending on how popular my posts are. I’ll be checking back in to let you know how I fare with Bubblews. And, as always, if you have other similar sites you’d like to share or if you have been using Bubblews yourself, tell us about it!

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