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Earn Cash By Submitting Grocery Receipts to Receipt Hog App

This week I downloaded and signed up with a new mobile app – Receipt Hog.  This reward app  is the simplest thing in the world to use, which for me is a double plus.  I don’t have a lot of time trying to figure out some new-fangled technology.   Receipt Hog works on a point system.  Once you earn 500 points, you get to cash out your $5.00.

So how does Receipt Hog Work? Receipt Hog

After you’ve done your grocery shopping, simply snap a photo of your receipt with your cell phone and submit it to Receipt Hog.   The app will process the receipt and will award points when it accepts it.

Why would someone pay me to share my receipts with them?   Well, Receipt Hog collects data on your shopping habits that it shares with marketing research companies.   Don’t worry, your personal information is not shared.

When you sign up you are automatically awarded 50 points once you complete your demographic information (age, what state you live in, gender).

You can submit receipts for all grocery-type stores.  I’ve been awarded points for purchases I’ve made at my local (non-national-chain) grocery store, as well as larger stores like Kroger.   Additionally, I’ve been awarded points for purchases I’ve made at CVS Pharmacy and my local wine store.  Receipt Hog says they’ll take receipts from more than 10,000 stores including: any grocer, supercenter, club store, dollar store, drug store, convenience mart, beauty supply or pet supply store count – REGARDLESS OF WHAT PRODUCTS YOU BUY!  And they also advise that if you are unsure if your store receipt qualifies,  just snap a photo of the receipt and submit.

The number of points you earn is based on how much you spend at the store.  Based on the information from Receipt Hog, the breakdown is this:

Less than $10 = 5 coins;  $10-$50 = 10 coins;  $50-$100 = 15 coins; $100+ = 20 coins.

You can also earn additional points by completing short surveys, sharing the app with your friends on Facebook and through their “slot game” which allows you to pull the slot lever for extra points, and prizes.

I’ve had great success even just this week and it only takes 10 seconds of my time, doesn’t cost me anything and I have the potential to earn some extra cash for doing almost nothing!  What’s better than that?



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