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Izea Helps You Earn with Social Media

There are more and more companies popping up these days that are trying to help you monetize your social media accounts.   For many, publishers are often left dismayed and displeased by the offerings or the hoops that some make you jump through to get in the game.
Get Sponsored by Big Brands

So, when I came upon Izea, I was expecting to encounter some of the same type of drudgery I had with others.  However, I’ve been very pleased with the way Izea has worked for me and I’m happy to report that Izea is really allowing me to earn cash regularly through various offers I’m able to take advantage of.

So how does Izea work? 

When you sign up with Izea you can connect one or all of your social media platforms.  This is really exciting because many of the other social media affiliate networks limit you to one or two.     Once you’ve connected your social media platform(s) – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – you can complete demographic information, choose which categories of offers you are interested in advertising on your accounts, what your audience is geared towards, etc.   All of this information helps Izea match you with the best sponsored offers.   Brands seek to align themselves with content creators that are going to be the best fit for their advertising needs.

Based on the information that you provide, including your number of followers (i.e. influence) you are presented with various offers from advertisers.   The offers are very specific about what they want.  You can choose which offers you think best suit your audience and you may bid on how much you’d like to earn from distributing the sponsored ads.  The minimum bid is $1 and depending on the offer, you can request various other higher payments based on your success rate, interest and number of followers, etc.   You can also post a “pitch” to the advertiser stating why you’d be the best publisher for this offer and why you should get paid a certain amount.

I love that Izea offers a variety of sponsored activities:  you can get offers for sponsored blog posts if you own a blog.  You can get offers for sponsored photos, sponsored Tweets and updates on Facebook, sponsored videos on Vimeo and on and on.

Check Izea out and let me know what kind of experience you have earning with you blog and social media channels.   And, as always, share other avenues you are making money with social media with us!



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