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Review Products and Earn with BzzAgent

This week I signed up for BzzAgent after reading some positive reviews about the site on Chatabout.   I’ve steadily made process with the product review site and I’m eagerly anticipating earning some serious rewards with the program.   BzzAgent seems to have a reliable stream of brands that are submitting their products for reviews.  Some of the current campaigns going on now are with brands like:   Tony’s Pizza, Playtex, Special K, Herbal Essences Shampoo, and many, many other well-known national brands.  BzzAgent

How does BzzAgent Work? 

When you first sign up for BzzAgent you are presented with several tasks.  You can connect your social media accounts, your blog if you have one, your grocery rewards card and your MyPoints account.  All of this is optional, but you will need to get a MyPoints account to earn your rewards.

You will also be presented many surveys about all kinds of topics from health, food, drink, home, work, electronics and so on.   You can complete as many as you choose, but these surveys, just like connecting your social media and other accounts, provide information about you, your influence, your spending habits and so on that is valuable in matching you with a brand and/or product for reviews.   Another thing to note is that you do earn points for completing these and other surveys.

The more surveys and connections you make, the higher your “BzzScore” becomes. The higher the better and more likely you’ll be invited to better campaigns. Once you are invited to a campaign you are sent a product to review.   You then write the review, complete any other campaign activities (such as posting photos or video) and then you are rewarded MyPoints.

MyPoints is a reward program that rewards you giftt cards, cash back and travel deals.

You can join MyPoints even if you aren’t interested in BzzAgent and earn through their activities.

Like I said, I’ve been chipping away at finishing the surveys and connecting my accounts and I hope to begin reviewing products soon so I can begin to earn some rewards!

If you have experience with BzzAgent, please share your insight with us!

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