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Vindale Research Offers Multiple Ways to Earn Cash

I’ve been a member of Vindale Research for more than two years and it is one of my favorite sites to earn some extra cash.  It consistently pays every month for a variety of activities and it has a robust referral program that allows me to earn even more.
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When you sign up for Vindale, you are paid for completing your online profile.  Vindale allows you to fill out profiles on your shopping habits, including home product purchases, vehicles, business purchases, entertainment and several others.  The more profiles you fill out, the more you get paid and the profiles better match you with opportunities that Vindale will offer.

Once you have completed your profile, Vindale will suggest offers, studies and surveys every day that you can get paid to complete.  These activities can pay anywhere from $1 to $30 or more.   You select only those offers, studies or surveys that you are interested in.  Most of them are straightforward.  Some of the surveys require you to provide information or make an evaluation after you’ve accepted a particular offer.

There are also a host of panels that you can join through the site that will augment your income by providing ongoing 3rd party offers and surveys as well.

Other simple activities include reward mail, watching and rating short videos, and special deals that you can take advantage of for shopping.

You also get paid $5 for each person you refer to the site.   Once a person you refer signs up and completes a survey, the $5 is credited to your account.

The more you visit and participate, the more money you can make.   It’s especially rewarding for you to share the site with friends and acquaintances and the cash will add up quickly.

Like I said, Vindale Research has been a great way for me to earn some extra cash, and I urge you to check it out today.

Be sure and  share what sites like Vindale work best for you!


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