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Get Paid to Write with iWriter

I’ve just started writing with iWriter over the past several weeks and I’m having some good success in making some extra money.  I would recommend iWriter to anyone who is just getting started out as a freelance writer, since their jobs are typically short (300-500 words) and the topics are varied.

So how do you become a writer on iWriter?

Becoming a writer is fairly simple.  You just sign up for an account and then complete the writing assignment which is a 200-250 word assignment on a generic topic that iWriter provides.  Once you’ve written and submitted your qualifying assignment, iWriter will evaluate it and assign you a rating as a standard writer.    Once you’ve achieved y iWriter our rating you can begin to apply to various writing jobs on the site for pay.

Writing jobs are listed with the required word count, the pay and with additional information.   The requestor is also rated based on how quickly he or she approves jobs, a history of how many have been approved and rejected and the average approval turn-around time.

Once you decide on a job, you can click on write article and you are given a specific amount of time to complete the assignment.  You submit the assignment and once the requestor approves it then you get paid.

The more approved articles you write, the better your ranking gets.  You start of as a “standard writer” and then you can work your way up to a “premium writer” and “elite writer” status.   Premium and elite writers are able to choose from assignments that pay a higher rate than a standard writer rate.   Once you’ve built a great reputation of writing consistently creative, strong pieces then your rating will get you the best writing jobs.   There is great potential to earn as much as you’d like based on the amount of work you put into iWriter.

So far my experience with iWriter has been very good.  Share your experience with us and if you have a site where you earn cash writing, let us know!

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