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MyPoints Pays you to Shop and SO MUCH More

MyPoints is one of my FAVORITE sites to make extra money because they just give me so many options.   I never have to worry about wasting my time on MyPoints and every time I go, I earn!   It is just one of my “go to” sites that I constantly keep an eye on.

So how does MyPoints work?
All you have to do to begin with MyPoints is to sign up for a free account.   One you’ve signed up you
Shop online, earn gift cards!have the option to provide information about yourself on a variety of topics including your shopping habits, technology, health, personal, employment and others.   These are all optional and MyPoints does reward you for filling these out.  Ultimately the more information you provide the better surveys and offers MyPoints can match you with.

The MyPoints system rewards you points for all the activities that you do on the site.   The points can then be redeemed for cash, gift cards, and travel credits through airline miles.

You are rewarded for shopping at hundreds of well knows online brands through the MyPoints portal.  There are nearly 30 different categories of things to shop for such as mens and women’s clothes, office supplies, books, toys and more.   You will recognize many of the top stores from which to shop, such as JC Penny, Nautica, QVC, and Best Buy.   Each store on the site will list how many points per dollar you will be awarded for shopping with them and what that translates into as a percentage of cash back.  For example, American Eagle Outfitters currently awards 6 points for every dollar you spend which is 4.1 % back on every sale.

So anytime you want to do any shopping online, just log into MyPoints and find your store.   You go straight to the store and can still use any promos and offers that are offered and you are still rewarded.   This is a no-brainer!

But MyPoints also rewards you for all kinds of other stuff as well!   You can earn points by filling out surveys, reading emails with offers from brands and advertisers, you can make money playing games, booking travel and you can even print coupons for groceries and other merchandise from MyPoints and earn points just for printing the coupons.

Like I said, I am never disappointed in using MyPoints.  When I rack up enough points, I usually convert the points to cash and get my payout through Paypal.   I urge you to check out MyPoints.  I know you won’t be disappointed.


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