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TweetInto Pays you to Tweet for Advertisers

August 3, 2014 UPDATE*******************TweetInto has been discontinued.  See website notice posted below:

Tweet Into



One of the newest opportunities to make money online that I’ve run across is TweetInto. I just signed up for an account that pays you to tweet out messages for various brands and products to your followers.   This service reminds me a lot of SponsoredTweets but it is somewhat different as well.

How does TweetInto Work?

The first thing you do with TweetInto is sign up for a new account by linking your Twitter account to TweetInto.  Don’t worry, TweetInto will not post anything to your Twitter account.  You control what gets tweeted.   Your number of followers is automatically associated with your TweetInto profile.   Obviously the more followers you have, the more influence you maintain and the more you can charge per tweet.

Once you’ve set up your account, you then add keywords to your account that will help match you with potential advertisers.   I would recommend creating keywords around the interests that your Twitter audience most responds too now when you tweet.  What kinds of tweets you post get retweeted or favored?  Maybe is something about popular culture or couponing or some great new product.  Keep all this in mind when setting your keywords.

You are also asked to set your price per tweet.   Before you do this, you may want to browse through some of TweetInto’s current users and see how much they are charging.  Find individuals with a similar number of followers as you and use that as your guide.  Again, the more Twitter followers you have, the higher price per tweet you can charge.   And don’t worry, you can always go back and adjust your settings.

Once you’ve set your price and your keywords and have agreed to allow advertisers to contact you, then you are ready to go.

When an advertiser has a relevant message they want to get out, TweetInto provides them a list of Tweeters who match the keywords of the message they are trying to get out.  The advertisers choose the tweeters to contact and then you decide whether or not you want to tweet the message/advertisement for them.  Once you decide, you tweet the message and get paid.


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