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3 Sites Where I Earn Cash Daily

I’ve had the great fortune of discovering (or being referred) several websites as of the last few months that I am able to consistently earn cash almost every day.   While these sites are not that dramatically different from others that I have used or written about, they are unique in the sense that I am more easily able to earn cash and cash out.    I would highly recommend you to check out each of these.  Determine which ones you like best and stick with them.  1.) Branded Surveys–  Branded Surveys pays you to complete short polls, short surveys, complete offers and other tasks.   This site is one of my absolute favorites.  Once you earn 1,000 points you can cash out using Paypal.  1,000 points equals $10.  I’ve been a member for a couple of years and I have earned hundreds of dollars with the program.

Branded Surveys also has an EXCELLENT referral program.  For every new community member who you can refer to Branded Surveys you will earn 15% of what they make on all surveys and offers forever. Earn 50 additional points when they complete their first survey!  This can really add up.

2.) MyOp4G MyOp4G is a unique site in that you complete surveys and you designate a percentage of your earnings to a charity of your choice.  Once you sign up, you can choose from among a list of charities you can support.  You then designate what percentage of your earnings to donate (the minimum amount is 25%). Once you’ve completed a survey or activity, then you are credited with your percentage and the charity gets their cut.  You can change percentages and charities as often as you’d like.  I love MyOp4G because it allows me to give to worthy causes and I also really love it because the surveys and activities PAY WELL.  I get surveys ALL the TIME that pay out a minimum of $10 for about 15 to 20 minutes of input.   Once your account reaches $20 in earnings you can cash out.

3 Sites Where I Earn Cash Daily

3.) Jobs2Shop –  I really like Jobs2Shop for several reasons.  They email you several offers a day and you get paid up to .25 cents per email just to read the offers.   You can earn more if you choose to participate in any of the offers and evaluations.   Along with the emails and the cash evaluations, Jobs2Shop also has a robust listing of Mystery Shopping jobs that you can apply to complete.  The Mystery Shopping jobs pay anywhere from $10 to $200 per job as of the current listings.  But what’s great is when you apply for the jobs, you are entered into a database and can continually be sent Mystery Shopping jobs that you can accept or decline.    Jobs2Shop also has coupons and other rewards that make the site even more attractive.  One you reach $25 you can cash out.  Although they do not have a referral program, I’ve managed to make some serious cash rather quickly with this site!

***Bonus SiteCashCrate – CashCrate has quickly become one of my most valued sites.  I cash out typically every couple of weeks and I earn at least $50 a month completing short surveys, offers and polls and even shopping..  It is quickly becoming one of my favorites!!!!

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