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Review Products and Earn Cash with Viewpoints

Are you someone who loves to share your opinion of things you buy with others?   Do your friends and family members ask your advice before they shop for various goods or services?   Are you looking to make some extra cash writing?   Viewpoints might be a great place for you to start.

Viewpoints How does Viewpoints work?

Viewpoints allows individuals to review any number of products on its site and earn rewards.   Any person interested in reviewing can sign up for a free account.   Once you provide your information, you can begin reviewing products right away.   You must post at least 200 characters to publish a review and at least 700 to earn points for reviews.

There are hundreds and hundreds of brands and products online that you surely use, from shampoo to kitchen appliances, to lawn mowers.  So there is always an opportunity for you to write reviews for something.

Before you write a review be sure you check and see what the incentive points are.   Not all the products on the site will be offering points for you review.   Most products pay out 25 points.

Once you reach 500 points you can cash it out for a $5.00 gift card.

The reviews must be clear, free of spelling and grammar mistakes and certainly not copied from somewhere online.

The more products you review, the higher your standing becomes on the site.

One of the possible drawbacks to reviewing things on Viewpoints is the low payment (roughly 25 cents per review).  There are times when Viewpoints will double or triple points based on some promotion they are running.  For example, they ran a summer promotion where they tripled the points for all reviews on lawn and garden equipment.    On the upside, 700 characters (not words but characters) is not a lot of copy to write for a review.  It’s the equivalent of 5 standard tweets.   Just be thorough and review those items you have experience with.   And be honest!

If you are reviewing items on Viewpoints or on similar sites, share your experience with us!

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