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Have a Skill you can Teach? Use Udemy to Create an Online Course and Earn Cash.

Udemy Do you have special skills that you believe are marketable and that you can teach people to do?  Are you a great website developer who wants to teach individuals to code?  Are you a trained wedding photographer and you’d like to pass on your skills to others?   How about if you could get paid for it regularly?

Well, if you answered yes then Udemy might be for you.  Udemy is a marketplace that offers on-demand courses to nearly 4 million users around the world.

Courses are designed by individual experts who use free course design tools offered by Udemy.   There’s even a course on how to create a course on Udemy for first-time instructors. StudioPress Theme of the Month

Those interested in creating a course can sign up and then use the tools to take you step-by-step through the entire process – from planning your course, to producing, polishing and then publishing.

Udemy provides examples of lecture types, course models and other information that will aid you in preparing an engaging course that will reflect the quality of your teaching methods.

Potential students will be able to sign up for your course and watch the sections of your lecture at their leisure while you maintain control of your content.   Udemy also has options that allow instructors to market their courses themselves or they can sign up for a marketing package with the company.

According to the website, instructors average $7,000 per course.   That’s not too shabby.

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