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Uber: Get Paid to Drive

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Just last week officials announced that Uber would be expanding to my city and Facebook lit up with excitement from friends who’d learned the news.   Uber offers a smartphone app that allows individuals to order a ride from a private citizen, often opting for more convenience and a nicer ride that traditional taxi services.

Uber also makes it possible for individuals to sign up to be drivers, and many people supplement their income by using their vehicles to transport people from the airport and other places around town. It is free to sign up as an Uber driver. As a driver you would function as an independent contractor.

In order sign up to be a driver for Uber you must:

  • Have a valid drivers license.
  • Have a four-door vehicle.
  • Have a clean driving record.
  • Have a vehicle that is 2004 or newer.
  • Have personal car insurance.

Once you sign up to be a driver, Uber provides software that allows riders to connect with drivers.

According to Uber’s website:

Once you start driving, a standard software license fee (ranging from 5 to 20%) goes to getting you more riders and better tools to keep your business running. If you choose to rent a phone from us instead of using your own, a $10-per-week service fee will automatically be deducted. You keep the rest.

Drivers have the freedom to work whenever they choose and they can drive anywhere in the primary coverage area within your area.

Uber pays its drivers weekly and the website states that drivers can be paid up to $15 an USA, LLC

I would suggest that you do some additional research before signing up for this or any other service to make sure that it fits your needs.   Uber is expanding across the United States and so there has been a lot written about the company, so do your homework.

If you have experience with Uber or with other methods you use to supplement your income, please share with us.

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