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Promote Products with BoostInsider for Cash

BoostInsider I recently discovered a new website that helps me make money online and I’m enjoying it very much so far.  The website is BoostInsider.  BoostInsider pays you to be an influencer online.  Basically you sign up for a free account, fill out your profile and then connect your social media networks to your profile.   Your profile will include topics you are interested in promoting.

Once I completed my BoostInsider profile and connected my social media accounts, I was all done.  I would urge anyone who is interested in joining their site as a paid influencer to read their rules and guidelines very closely.  They want to pay influencers for quality posts and not spammy ones and their guidelines say they will terminate accounts that violate these rules.

Within an hour of me joining the program, I had four offers from various brands wanting me to promote their products.  When you join you are placed in “Bronze” status which means that when you promote a product with the link provided, every time someone clicks on the link you earn 10 cents.  As you earn more (by getting clicks) you will move up to other statuses all the way up to diamond.  With each status you earn more per click and you become a more trusted influencer.

You can accept or decline any of the offers that you get from the advertisers on BoostInsider.  When you choose an offer, you can promote it on all of your social networks, as well as on your blog and even vlog about it on Youtube.   The most import an thing that BoostInsider wants is relevant and quality contents/posts about the products.  They want you to be honest about the products, so you will not be penalized for good or bad reviews.

There are also opportunities to receive products from some of the advertisers but many of the campaigns I have seen are for apps, games and website.

I will say that within seconds of me posting my first promotion I was already making quick cash.  I hope to continue with BoostInsider and I have had a very positive experience so far.

You can cash out at any point using Paypal.


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