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Wish you could Sell your Junk Mail? This Company is Buying!

Sell Junk Mail Nearly every day I get junk mail.  You know that credit card offer you are pre-approved for with the great interest rate?  And let’s not forget that car insurance offer that promises the lowest monthly payment, no matter what.   Whatever it is, junk mail is a regular reality for most of us.  That’s why I was very pleased to learn about SBK Center.

SBK Center will actually pay you for your junk mail and junk email!  SBK (Small Business Knowledge) Center is a marketing research company and they buy junk mail such as credit card offers, big box retailer mailings and a lot more.

In order to participate, you have to visit the SBK Center website and apply to be a panelist.  After a few days, SBK Center should contact you with an approval email, at which point you can begin forwarding them your junk email.

Shortly after approval you should receive a package in the mail from SBK Center detailing exactly which types of junk mail and email pieces they are looking for.  This is important because sending the right type of junk email and mail helps you get the proper point credit each month.

You’ll also receive self-addressed, stamped envelopes to send your junk mail in.  So, all you have to do is follow the instructions, make sure your junk mail is in one of the qualifying categories, and mail SBK Center your packages every couple of weeks.

Every qualifying piece of junk mail or junk email receives points.  At the end of every month a summary of points is emailed to you.  Once you reach 2,000 points you earn a $20 Visa gift card.

There are also various promotions, contests and other opportunities to boost your point earnings throughout the year.

Through my reading of other reviews about the company most participants earn $20 every couple of months, on average.   That’s not bad for earning money on stuff you usually throw away anyway.

One last thing I will point out are concerns with privacy issues.  Here is what’s posted on the SBK Center site:

We respect your privacy:

  • All personal information is deleted from materials prior to use in our study.
  • We shred and recycle everything we receive and your privacy is 100% protected.
  • Participation is free, and there is no commitment – you can opt out at any time.
  • No one will sell you anything.
  • We will not share your email address or any personal information with anyone.

I’ve been participating as a panelist with SBK Center for about two months now and so far I’ve had good results.

Let me know if you’ve tried SBK Center and share other opportunities to earn cash online and from home!



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