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Review Products with Tomoson and Earn Cash


Review Products Tomoson is looking for some great bloggers and social media influencers to review a wide array of products from companies and you might be the one they’re looking for! Anyone can sign up to review products at Tomoson and you could be blogging about a product within a few days!

Tomoson helps businesses generate buzz about their products by engaging “influencers” like and you and me to try their products out and then write about them. Influencers share their experiences on their blogs and social media platforms. There are several other legitimate product review sites out there, and Tomoson has a great reputation.

So how do you join Tomoson and start earning cash? It’s easy!

First you sign up for a free account. Tomoson wants people who have an online presence. They are looking for people who have a blog or have launched a Youtube channel or folks who have an active following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

So when you sign up, you simply link your blog though Google Analytics and social media accounts to your Tomoson profile and they will calculate your estimated following. Don’t worry though, Tomoson isn’t like some of the product review sites that require you to have an established “mega-following,” they will accept you, even if you are at the early stages of establishing your following.

One you’ve filled out your profile information, linked your social media and blog accounts, and put in your PayPal information, Tomoson generates a score that is used to match you with opportunities.

At this point you simply search the database of available opportunities and read the requirements. Some will want a blog post. Some other might want you to share photos of you using the products on Facebook and Twitter. It is all spelled out in the profile of the product.

Based upon your number of followers/score, Tomoson will suggest a bid price for every job. The more followers you have, the more you cash you can ask for each job.   There’s an average bid price for every job so you’ll know what range to stay in.  And there is a great assortment of products to write about.  Some examples include:  iPhone accessories, digital cameras, beauty products, to trips and food.  Tomoson has over 40 categories and hundreds (if not thousands) of products to select from.

Once you’ve got up and running and have written some killer reviews for products, you could even be sent private offers directly from companies who want you to white reviews for them.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in writing product reviews to take a look at Tomoson. It’s a great site to get your feet wet and they make it so easy.   They also have a great assortment of products sure to fit your needs and interests. Sign up at

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