Get Paid to Write Writing jobs abound on the internet and can be quite lucrative for the freelance writer with good discipline and the ability to write compelling copy on any number of subjects or for very specific purposes.  There are many niches out there that a good writer can take advantage of these days.  Whether you are interested in being a guest blogger on someone’s website, to writing a daily column on your favorite televisions shows, there is something for you!

There are several ways I’ve found you can get paid to write from the sources online.   You can be paid an up-front flat fee for the work you produce.   Some sites will pay you per word for the accepted articles.

Then others, pay you a pay-per-click rate, based upon the number of readers that you draw to a particular article.  Some will also kick in performance bonuses based on the traffic an article draws. Some sites offer more than one payment option, depending on their needs.

Scripted – Ranked as one of the top five writer sites on the internet.

Writer Access – Write for a wide variety of clients.  Earn according to a rating score.   Writing jobs include articles, blog posts, social media and much more.

Media Shower – Write 500 word articles on a wide range of topics.  Hundreds of opportunities to write for the Web’s leading sites.

BKA Content – Must be able to write about 3,500 words a week.  Writers usually are paid $12 to $18 an hour (2-3 articles).  See their application for more requirements.

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Postloop – Earn money posting on forums and blogs.

Content Current – Complete various writing tasks for clients.  Get feedback from Content Current editors to improve your writing. Writers paid weekly.

Helium – Public knowledge-based articles and get paid by publishers who need content.  Also get paid by the amount of traffic your articles generate.

Search Sciences – Seeking freelance writers for various projects.  Pays about $15 per article.

Demand Studios – Assignments for a wide variety of subjects for use on several websites. Articles that are published get an up front payment.

London Brokers – Sign up for free account and begin writing.  Experienced writers who achieve a good internal rating  for  content and turn-around time, also get access to other article types that pay higher like press releases and articles that require higher quality. Payment for a higher quality articles is $1.50 per 100 words.  Bonuses are also available for higher rated writers.

Infobarrel – Not only get paid for writing, but can link your Adsense account and make additional revenue.

Student Experts (Now Pennington Creative) – Student Experts hires contract writers to write content for small/medium business clients.

Earn Money Posting in Forums

Plum Deluxe – Full article assignments are paid at $30 per feature. Plum Deluxe works  with both new and established writers who have previous example work.

HubPages – Create content articles which are called “hubs.”  Write about virtually anything.  Writers make a portion of revenue from advertisements placed in their hubs.

Green Light Articles – Apply for free writers account and complete short writing assignment for approval.  Write short 340 – 500 word articles and get paid more as your assignments increase.

SponsoredReviews – Bloggers write about advertisers products and services and are paid based on which advertisers buy the reviews.   Bloggers set own price. Depending on the size of your readership and the quality of your blog posts, you can earn anywhere from $5 to $1000 per post.

Wizzley – Writers write about any number of topics and original content can earn money from advertisements placed in articles.

Content Runner – Marketplace that allows you to write articles and then post them for sale.  You set your own rate.  You are also rated based on your performance, so if you maintain a good rating, you may be able to sell more of your articles.

Search Influence – Web promotion company that hires contract writers to complete writing jobs for its clients.

SmartBrief – SmartBrief allows you to pitch your article idea on one of their topics.  See guidelines for more information.

eCopyWriters – Sign up for a free account.  Apply for jobs such as writing blog posts, press releases, producing infographics and more!

Epinions – Write reviews about products you own (positive or negative) and earn credits which can be redeemed for cash. – Writers can register to become writers who write articles on specific topics.   Blog owners buy “quality content” and pay writers between $1.50 to $20 per article according to their website.

Constant Content – Writers join and write articles on a number of topics that can be sold to thousands of customers around the world. You’ll also be able to source a limitless number of new clients to work with through our Public Request System, and easily submit articles for them to review.

Bukisa – Writers write articles about a wide range of topics.  Writers make a portion of revenue from advertisements placed in their articles.

Blogmutt – Pays $8 per 250 word blog post.  You choose the topic, write the blog post and when it is purchased by a blog owner you are paid.

Knoji – Looking for consumer guides writers that include information-packed articles on consumer-related topics. Looking for writers with a strong writing portfolio demonstrating an ability to write product reviews. Pays between $50 and $200 per article.

Cracked – Write funny list-style feature articles for pay.  No experience necessary.

Zerys– Apply to be a writer and provide a writing sample to receive a rating.  Writing jobs with pay rate will be offered based on the rating and you have an opportunity to improve your rating to bet better jobs.

Listverse – Get paid $100 for a list-style feature article with at least 1,500 words and a list of a minimum of 10 items.

Socialexis – This is a group of sites that seeks writers for some of the specialized topics on the pages they manage.  See submission guidelines for each site.

The Dollar Stretcher– The Dollar Stretcher is a group of publications dedicated to “Living Better…for Less”. The goal is to provide readers with ways to help them save time and money. Payment is $o.10 per published word.

IWorkWell – Site that focuses on Human Resources.  Can pay $200-plus per article.

TripleCurve – Writers produces high-quality content for nationally recognized companies. TripleCurve claims to offer engaging and plentiful work to writers and editors. As part of the team, you’ll work on variety of assignments including: brand description articles, question and answer pieces, category description articles, product descriptions, and many more.

People Per Hour – Freelancing site that offers many opportunities for writers/bloggers/content creators.

Writers Needed – Sign up for writers account and recieve regular assignments.

HireWriters – Join today for FREE and you will have access to paid writing jobs. Clients post writing assignments and you can then accept the job and get paid when you complete it.

GhostBloggers – Sign up for a free account, write unique articles with built-in publishing system, GhostBloggers offers your articles to sell to blog owners.

DigitalJournal – Online news network where individuals can write relevant, high-quality news stories.

Suite – Suite shares 70% of its revenue with the community.  Qualifying membes can earn cash royalties for their writing.

CopyPress – CopyPress is looking for bloggers who can write educational, interesting, and unique blog posts on a variety of topics.

DotWriter – As a writer, you can either submit and publish your articles on market, or you can apply to custom writing requests from our buyers Requests Pool.

Content Divas – Create account and complete two writing assignments ( an article and a blog post) to be approved.  Once approved, you can accept assignments as a “ghost writer.”

Xomba – Write articles and share in the ad revenue of the site.  You are paid 40% of the ad revenue earned from your article’s page views.

Textbroker – Choose from thousands of orders every day. Authors are free to decide how much or little they would like to write.

ArticleSale – Sign up for a free account, write content and ArticleSale will promote it until it sells.

WordGigs – Create a free account, which includes submitting a writing sample.  They have a good supply of writing jobs.

Fiverr – Fiverr is an online marketplace offering services.  You can post your writing services that can be purchased by members from across the globe.

Break Studios – Sign up as a freelance writer, submit writing samples for writer approval.  Simple application process.  Claim articles for pay once approved.

Words of Worth – Writing platform that is free to join.  Submit a sample and complete the application for regular writing jobs.

Contently – Create a free portfolio of your writing.  Contently’s clients and editors can view the portfolio to offer jobs.

GetaCopyWriter – Sign up as a copywriter and choose which writing categories you’d like to write.  Get matched with clients needing your type of writing style. Click to sign up here.

Babble – Babble is a parenting website for Disney.  Check out the site to familiarize yourself with the types of stories they are looking for and then pitch your idea.

Article Document – Sign up for a free account.  Choose from various assignments and get paid for your work.

Krazy Coupon Lady – Get paid as a contributor writing about couponing, lifestyle, parenting and more.  Pays $50 per article.

Crowd Content – Writers create compelling product descriptions that encourage consumers to purchase.  Create free account, and you’re paid per word based on a rating.   The higher a writer is rated the more per word they make.

Wizzley – Create free writer’s account and write articles on any subject you prefer.  Writers earn a portion of the site’s ad revenue every time the article is read.

TextMaster – Apply to write content, translate or become a proofreader.  Your rate of pay will depend on your experience level and quality.

We Love Forums – Working as a freelance forum posting for We Love Forums, you will be responsible for filling orders of  clients.

Beaconfire – Beaconfire seeks independent contractors to develop, edit and refine campaign messaging for nonprofit organizations.

iWriter – Sign up to be a writer for free.  Pays up to $15 per job.

Ultius – Apply to write essays, business and academic writing.  Pay is competitive.