Sites that Pay Guest Bloggers


I have compiled a great list of sites that will pay for posts from guest bloggers.  The list is comprised of mostly sites that pay at least $50 per post. Many of the sites will pay a lot more and there are a few that pay less than that.

Guest blogging can be a great way to break into freelance writing.  Some of the sites included in this list will work very closely with you to make sure you are creating something that will be of value to their site’s readers.  Many of them will also offer great feedback.  However, you should not expect to just throw a post together and have it be accepted.

To ensure that you have the best chance of having your blog post be chosen, I recommend the following:

  • Read existing posts on the site to get a feel for the types of content they publish.  Look at tone, point of view, and which posts are most popular.
  • Read through the submission guidelines and follow them.  Some sites want you to pitch and idea or an outline of a story before it is accepted.  Some sites want links to existing work.
  • What other considerations are you concerned with?  Are you hoping for a by-line.  Some sites publish a by-line and some don’t.  What are the publication rights for the site?  Are they buying exclusive rights – meaning you cannot republish anywhere else?  Will they link back to your site, or allow you to add a contributor bio to the story.

As always, I welcome your input and to hear about your experience guest blogging.  Please share your comments and suggestions below.




Category/Topics: Holistic Health and Wellness

Rate: $50 for 600-1,000 word post

ACHS is looking for articles on holistic health and wellness.


2. A Fine Parent

Category/Topics: Parenting

Rate: $100 per post

A Fine Parent focuses on one theme at a time around a parenting issue. Check their page for the current theme and submission guidelines. Posts should offer practical and actionable advice/tips and contain personal stories and anecdotes that connect with the other parents in the community.


3. A List Apart

Category/Topics: Web design

Rate: $200 for 1,500-2,500 word posts

A List Apart pays for well-considered explorations of current or cutting-edge topics in the web industry.


4. BabyFit

Category/Topics: Pregnancy / Parenting / Women’s Health

Rate: $25 to $90 for 500-1,200 word posts

BabyFit articles generally fall into the broad categories of Nutrition, Fitness, Pregnancy or Post-partum parenting.


5. Back to College

Category/Topics: Education / Adult Education / Professional Development

Rate: $55+ for 1,000-1,5000 word posts

Back to College seeks stories that address issues of importance to the older student: obtaining financial aid, on campus and online education, finding the right program, graduate school, or attaining academic excellence. Career management and articles on successful transition are also welcome. They’re especially looking for stories on the re-entry student experience.


6. Belt Magazine

Category/Topics: Regional / Midwest / Rust Belt

Rate: $50-$500 per post

Belt Magazine publishes non-fiction posts with a focus on the Industrial Midwest.


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7. Black Hair Media

Category/Topics: Hair & Beauty / African American Interest

Rate: $25-$45 for 500 word post

Black Hair Media publishes hair and beauty articles of interest to Women of Color.


8. Michelle Pippin

Category/Topics: Business / Sales / Making Money

Rate: $50-$150 per post

They are looking for business related articles. Articles should be instructive with actionable takeaways for readers.


9. BootsnAll

Category/Topics: Indie Travel / World Travel

Rate: $50 per post 1,200 – 2,000 word post

BootsnAll pays for feature stories related to indie travel.


10. Ceramic Tech Weekly

Category/Topics: Cereamic / Industrial /Technical / Research

Rate: $25 per 150-500 word posts

Ceramic Tech Weekly publishes short posts on ceramics in energy, ceramics in the environment, advances in nanotechnology, research briefs and news and trends.


11. CollegeHumor

Category/Topics: Comedy

Rate: $35-$50 per post

CollegeHumor has a huge readership. Check out their writers guidelines for examples of the type of content they are interested in publishing.


12. Cracked

Category/Topics: Comedy / Entertainment / Pop Culture

Rate: $50-$200 per post

Cracked offers various opportunities for writers to submit comedic posts.


13. CraftBits

Category / Topics: Crafts / How-to Crafts

Rate: $35 per post

CraftBits publishes creative craft project ideas.


14. DesertUSA

Category/Topics: Travel / Desert Wildlife & Geology / Adventure / History

Rate: $50-$100 for 1,200-1,700 word posts

DesertUSA focues on travel in the North American Desert and surrounding regions. Posts relating to natural and cultural history, adventure, desert lore are also featured.


15. Digital Ocean

Category/Topics: Linux / FreeBSD Cloud Hosting

Rate: $50-$200 per post

Digital Ocean is looking for tutorials about Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting.


16. Doctor of Credit

Category/Topics: Consumer Credit / Finance

Rate: $50 for 300-600 word post

Doctor of Credit seeks posts about consumer credit and finance for individuals.


17. The Dollar Stretcher

Category/Topics: Personal Finance / Saving Money / Making Money at Home

Rate: $0.10 per word for 500-800 word post

Goal of stories is to provide readers with ways to help them save time and money.


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18. Earth Island Journal

Category/Topics: Environmental Issues / Conservation

Rate: $50-$100 per post

Earth Island Journal looks for stories of individuals and communities who are successfully defending and restoring the Earth. On-the-ground reports from outside North America are also welcome.


19. eCommerce Insiders

Category/Topics: Ecommerce / Online Retail

Rate: $75-$150 for 400-600+ word posts

eCommerce Insiders is only interested in writers who have direct experience with ecommerce, as providers or as online retailers themselves.


20. eCommerce Bytes

Category/Topics: Ecommerce / Online Auctions

Rate: $20 for 100-500 word posts

eCommerce Bytes are looking for articles that help people conduct online auctions more efficiently, both as buyers and sellers.


21. The Expeditioner

Category/Topics: Travel

Rate: $30 per post

The Expeditioner publishes travel stories that inspires others.


22. FundsforWriters

Category/Topics: Writing

Rate: $45 to $50 for 500-600 word post

They want posts featuring success, thought and/or advice about some aspect of earning funds through writing. Resources with links are much desired.


23. Gawker

Category/Topics: General Interest / Personal Essays

Rate: $250 for 1,200 word post

Gawker is looking for reported stories, essays and personal essays.



Category/Topics: Travel

Rate: $25 for 1,000-2,000 word post

GoNOMAD publishes stories that cover a unique aspect of the cultural or natural environments of destinations.


25. Go World Travel

Category/Topics: Travel

Rate: $30 for posts up to 1,000 words

Posts should be well written travel stories with photos. Go World Travel aims to help their readers experience a destination.


26. Great Escape Publishing

Category/Topics: Travel

Rate: $50-$200 for 300-600 word posts

Great Escape Publishing focuses on travel writing, photography, create-your-own-tours, travel blogging and import/export.


27. HowlRound

Category/Topics: Theatre

Rate: $50 for a 700-1,000 word post

HowlRound is looking for writers who are deeply invested in and committed to the theatre field.


28. International Living

Category/Topics: Global Travel / Living and Retiring Oversees

Rate: $250-$400 for 840-1,400 word posts

International Living publishes posts offering tips, advice, money-saving ideas and profiles about living/retiring oversees.


29. IWA Wine Blog

Category/Topics: Wine / Wine Storage

Rate: $50 for 500-700 word post

IWA Wine Blog is looking for posts relating to enjoying and storing wine.


30. iWorkWell

Category/Topics: Human Resources

Rate: $200 per post

iWorkWell publishes articles on human resources issues such as labor management, benefits, human resource strategy and labor relations.


31. Killer Directory

Category/Topics: General Interest / Web Directory

Rate: $15 per post

Accepts well written posts about general interest items.


32. Kinkly

Category/Topics: Sex

Rate: $50 for 500-1,200 word post

Kinkly is dedicated to stories about sex, sexuality that help readers discover things about sex, love and their body.


33. Knoji

Category/Topics: Consumer Reviews / Consumer Guides

Rate: $50-$200

Knoji contributors provide in-depth information on products and services that companies offer for consumer readers.


34. LabMice

Category/Topics: IT/Microsoft Tech

Rate: $0.25 per word for 1,000-1,500+ word post

LabMice is looking for field notes, best practices, lessons learned, white papers, guidelines, how-to’s, technical explanations for Microsoft products and services.


35. Linode

Category/Topics: Linux

Rate: $250 per post

Linode is looking for articles and guides relating to Linux.


36. Listverse

Category/Topics: General Interest/Various

Rate: $100 for 1,500 word post

Listverse publishes offbeat, interesting lists of at least 10 items comprised of 1,500 words minimum on any topic.


37. Make a Living Writing

Category/Topics: Writing

Rate: $50-$100 per 500+ word post

Make a Living Writing prefers to pay for current subscribers to the site. The site is all about making money writing, and all the challenges and tips that pertain to it.


38. Make Me Heal

Category/Topics: Plastic Surgery

Rate: $10-$20 per post

Make Me Heal seeks celebrity plastic surgery stories, plastic surgery breakthroughs, techniques and new procedures.


39. Matador

Category/Topics: Travel / Adventure

Rate: $40 for 1,500-word posts

Matador seeks original writing that speaks to the adventures, cultures, and identities of people around the world.


40. MetroParent

Category/Topics: Parenting

Rate: $35-$350 for various word counts/departments/sections

Hire freelancers to provide a good mix of fun and substantive stories of interest to local Southeast Michigan parents.


41. New West

Category/Topics: Rocky Mountain Region Culture and News

Rate: $50-$500 for 100-6,000 word posts

New West covers a wide range of topics relevant to the Rocky Mountain region including culture, politics, growth, demographics, energy, environmental issues, tourism and travel, lifestyle, outdoors, wildlife, Western literature, film and food.


42. Parents and Kids

Category/Topics: Parenting / Kids Interest / Family

Rate: $25+ for 600 word post

Parents and Kids publishes feature articles relevant to parents and families. Check out their editorial calendar for more specific topics.


43. The Penny Hoarder

Category/Topics: Finance / Making & Saving Money

Rate: $75 for 700-800 word post

The Penny Hoarder is looking for freelance writers who have fun, unique ideas for earning, saving or investing money. Looking for articles that share personal experience, especially if you can share detailed numbers, strategies and advice.


44. Sitepoint

Category/Topics: Web Design

Rate: $150-$300 per tutorial

Sitepoint is looking for tutorial posts on scripting languages HTML, Sass and CSS.


45. Slick WP

Category/Topics: WordPress

Rate: $100 for 1,250-2,000 word post

Slick WP publishes WordPress and Genesis focused tutorials or reviews of WordPress themes and plugins.


46. Smashing Magazine

Category/Topics: Web Development and Design

Rate: $50-$200 per post

Smashing Magazine’s publishes quality content for the Web development and design community. Posts may include valuable tips, tricks, ideas or techniques.


47. StrategyPage

Category/Topics: News

Rate: $30 for 200-1,000 word post

StrategyPage accepts news articles that are not speculative but provide analysis better than the breaking news of mass media channels.


48. Tales to Go

Category/Topics: Travel / Adventure

Rate: $50 for 1,000-3,000 word post

Tales to Go wants personal, nonfiction travel stories.


49. Transitions Abroad

Category/Topics: Travel / Studying Abroad / Working Abroad / Living Abroad

Rate: $50-$150 for 800-2,000+post

Transitions Abroad looks for stories with usable practical information gained from first-hand experience for readers who travel to immerse themselves abroad.


50. Travel Signposts

Category/Topics: Travel

Rate: $25 for 800-1,000 word post

Travel Signposts is looking for stories about places in Europe to travel.


51. Tuts+ Code

Category/Topics: Web Design / Programming

Rate: $100-$250

Tuts+ Code seeks tutorials and articles on web development technology. That includes topics such as: PHP, Ruby, server-side JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, document-based database systems, and everything in between.


52. Upworthy

Category/Topics: Lifestyle / General Interest

Rate: $150-$200 for 500 word post

Upworthy is looking for original stories that support their mission of creating a better world.


53. UX Booth

Category/Topics: Web Design

Rate: $100 for 1,200 -1,800 word post

UX Booth is by and for the user experience community. Readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers.


54. Vector Diary

Category/Topics: Design / Illustrator / Vector Design/ Graphic Design

Rate: $150 per tutorial

Vector Diary is seeking Illustrator tutorials.


55. VectorTuts+

Category/Topics: Design / Vector Design / Graphic Design

Rate: $50-$200 per tutorial post

VectorTuts+ seeks quality content on vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch app and Inkscape.


56. Viator Travel Blog

Category/Topics: Travel

Rate: $100-$150 for 1,000 -2,000 word post

Viator Travel Blog is looking for post that offer insider’s view of travel. Posts should be smart and well-written, immerse the reader in a new place, reveal something about the culture and share something new about travel.


57. Web Loggerz

Category/Topics: WordPress

Rate: $50-$100 per 1,200+ word post

Web Loggerz want submissions solely about WordPress such as: WordPress Guides, WordPress Reviews, WordPress Plugins or WordPress Tutorials.


58. Work Online Blog

Category/Topics: Business/ Making Money Online /

Rate: $50 for 1,500+ word post

The Work Online Blog delivers quick wins to its audience that can take the legwork out of working online either as a business or as a contractor.


59. WorldStart

Category/Topics: Computing / Tech / IT

Rate: $15-$35 for 250-800 word posts

WorldStart is looking for posts that offer tips and tricks the average computer user can utilize They are also looking for longer, feature posts on all aspects of computing.


60. Wow! Women on Writing

Category/Topics: Women / Writing

Rate: $50-$150 per post

Wow! Is an ezine that promoting communication between women writers, authors, agents, publishers and readers.


61. WPTuts+

Category/Topics: WordPress

Rate: $150 – $500 per tutorial posts

WPTuts+ is seeking experts on some aspect of WordPress to regularly post tutorials.


62. Write Naked

Category/Topics: Writing

Rate: $50-$200 per 450-650 word post

Write Naked looks for posts about writing such as interviews with people in the publishing business, publishing trends, freelancing tips and successes, and writing essentials.


63. Writers Weekly

Category/Topics: Writing / Freelance Writing

Rate: $40-$60 for 400-600 word post

Writers Weekly accepts feature stories about freelance writing and success stories.