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A Website Discovery that Pays – myLot

myLot is a growing website that combines discussion groups, blog comments, social networking and offers that are geared towards its member base. Much of my research of the site has revealed that the site is really geared towards developing a community of members who share ideas about a wide range of information.

myLot pulls blog articles tailored to the interests of readers, and blog owners can also submit their blog sites to myLot, sharing the topics they are writing about, and, in turn, gaining more readers.

The ways that individuals can earn money from myLot really depend on the level of time one dedicates to the site. For you blog owners, attracting more readers can certainly translate into revenue for those affiliate programs on your own blogs and sites. myLot

Members of myLot are paid to start discussions and post responses and comments to current discussions or blogs. There are also opportunities to earn through tasks, doing web searches and by referring friends.

myLot is only interested in fresh, quality content that engages their members.

I am going to spend some more time reviewing the site, but so far it looks very promising and I’d urge your to check it out and let me know what you think as well.

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