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Fiverr – Turn Your Skills into Income

One of the more interesting sites I have come across recently is fiverr.comFiverr is a marketplace where sellers may post any number of “Gigs” that they will perform for buyers for $5.00.  The Gigs may be drawing a portrait, creating templates for documents, tweeting for someone, creating banner ads, singing happy birthday in a cartoon voice, and so much more.

The posted Gigs are divided into about a dozen categories and there is no limit to the creative and very useful things people will do for $5.00.

People may also request Gigs, where they advertise what they are looking for someone to do.  Examples of some of the requested Gigs are:  writing a very funny wedding toast,  book cover design, logo design, creating linkedin pages, and the list goes on.

Fiverr works very simply:

  •  A seller creates a Gig for a small service they are willing to do.
  • They are notified when their Gig is ordered.
  • Fiverr pays seller $4.00, forty-eight hours after seller successfully delivers their work.

High performing sellers who get good ratings and who perform work on time have opportunities to advance to one of three Fiverr levels (Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated) allowing sellers to take advantage of exclusive opportunities.

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