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Plink – Get Rewarded when you Shop

I’ve been a member of Plink for quite a while now. In fact, it’s probably been close to a year since I joined the rewards program. Since that time, I’ve enjoyed some great loot as a result of the pro Plink gram.

So how does Plink work?

Plink is pretty simple to join. You set up a free, online account and you choose the stores and restaurants that you frequent from the Plink menu. Each of the venues has a different offer that you can take advantage of. For example, Burger King awards you 40 points if you spend $6 or more and 100 points for every $12 you spend. You will be allowed to choose several offers for your Plink “wallet.”

You have to link your Plink account to your checking account in order for them to verify your spending. I was weary of this at first, but I did some research and it’s a secure and simple.

Once you’ve reached at least 500 points (which translates to $5.00) you can redeem them for gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, iTunes and other merchants.

You can also enter into various sweepstakes by referring friends and sharing Plink on Facebook and other social networks.
The more you spend, the more slots open up on your Plink wallet where you can include more offers.

 Any downside to Plink?

The biggest thing that I don’t like about Plink is it has too few offers. Luckily it does include some offers to restaurants, in particular, that I tend to visit a lot, so I am able to capitalize on those offers. They are slowly offering a greater variety of offers and that’s a good thing. The more options we have, the better the reward program will be.

Another thing I don’t like is that Plink limits the number of offers you can take advantage of. When you first sign up you are allowed only three or four offers (I can’t remember exactly), and when you begin to take advantage of offers, more wallet slots open up. While this is frustrating at first, my new wallet slots did begin to open when I started shopping at the offers I had chosen.

Overall I think Plink is a great rewards program to make some extra cash that really requires very little effort other than shopping at places you would normally go anyway. Try out Plink and tell me what you think. And let us know what reward programs you are taking advantage of.

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