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Checkout 51 App: Great Way to Get Cash Back Grocery Shopping

Recently I’ve written about several apps that allow you to make money on the purchases that you already regularly make.  Among my favorites are:  1.) Ibotta  offers instant cash rebates on products in select stores such as CVS, Kroger, Walgreens and many other national retailers.   2.) Receipt Hog offers you cash for taking photos of your grocery receipts, completing surveys about your purchases and scanning barcodes of certain items.

3.)  Shopmium also offers instant cash rebates on products such as groceries and personal care items.

Checkout 51 The newest app that I have discovered is Checkout 51 and I’ve already earned cash just from my weekend grocery outing.   Like some of the other apps, Checkout 51 provides you with a list of offers on grocery and household items every week.   What’s cool about Checkout 51 is they provide a good mix of offers that don’t necessarily have to be of a specific brand.   For example, one of the offers might be a $1.00 rebate on a loaf of bread.  So you could go to the store and buy a loaf of bread on sale for $1.00 and get the entire price of your purchase back (less sales tax).  They have offers on produce as well, which is really nice.

Some of their offers are of specific brand items and each offer is for a limited time, so it is important to read the details for each offer.    When you click on an offer and read the terms, there is usually a great recipe or other useful information associated with the product offer which is a nice touch.

You simply scroll through the list of offers and choose which items you want.   Go do you shopping and when you get home snap a photo of your grocery receipt using the app and typically the rebates are processed the same day.   Once you have $20 accumulated you can cash out and they will send you a check.

The really great way
to maximize your earnings is to combine the rebates of all the apps you use, along with coupons.   For the smart, dedicated and organized shopper, this could mean some serious cash.  I’ve actually earned cash on the same product using Ibotta,
Checkout 51 and a manufacturer’s coupon!  It’s great!

What other money making apps are you using other there?  Share your experience with us!

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